Change main user (?)

Hi all. I am changing primary domain and contact information. I’m running into a problem.

At the time I’ve created 2 users, one with my real name and one with a nickname I use on the internet. Appearentlty when I created my first domain and webpanel user I had to assign a main user to it and I choose the nickname I use often. Now with the new domain though I have no use for it anymore and want to use my real name. BUT, when I login with FTP for example I only get a home folder and not the root of my webspace.

What am I doing wrong? Will I be having full privileges after I delete this ‘main’ user. Is there something like a ‘main’ user to begin with?

Many thanks.

That will be because the domain is controlled by your other user. To change which user controls a domain, go to Domains -> Manage Domains in the panel, click the small Edit link for the relevant domain (in the Web Hosting column). You can then select the FTP user / CGI-runs-as user: using the drop-down box.

Not really. As far as I know, your initial user is no more important than any other user you create. Just be sure that this user does not have any important data etc. in their home directory before deletion.

Edit: Note, changing the user that controls a domain will create an empty web-directory for that domain in the users home directory, but it will not automatically copy the contents from the previous web directory in the other users home directory. You will need to do this manually (or upload the files again).


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Great! That was exactly the missing link I was looking for. Many thanks, all is configured OK now.

Excellent. I am glad I could be of some assistance.


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