Change image in theme

Hi there, I am a newbie and need help figuring out how I access (and change) an image that is used in my theme. It’s not in the images folder and was part of the theme package that was installed on dreamhost for me. I can see where the image is referenced in the css file in appearance>editor. But not where the actual image is.

You haven’t given us enough information to help you.

Give us the link to the page with the image? or what you see in CSS, or both…

There are many ways to do everything, and most of us are customers like you, so we can’t look up your account.

Also “was part of the theme package that was installed on dreamhost for me.” was this part of a theme installed via a one-click install, or did you give a 3rd party access to do work for you?

Probably in /wp-content/themes/themename/images then.

The image references in that editor are relative to the theme name.

Thanks for the reply. Here is the line that references the location of the image called 'video’
background: url(img/video.png) top left no-repeat;

I had dreamhost install wordpress and then gave a third party access to install the theme they created for me.

If it is in /wp-content/themes/themename/images, how do I actually access that? (sorry for the stupid question). It is not through the wordpress dashboard, and I can’t see how to get into the dreamhost files where presumably the images etc are stored.

You’ll need to use FTP or SSH