Change ftp password

I am admin, have more than two ftp users. Anytime the users want to change their ftp password, I must login DH webpanel and change for them.
Can I write a script to let ftp users change the password themselves in my website?
Can ftp client change ftp user’s password?
Or is there anyway?
Thanks so much.

I haven’t tried this myself, but users can be granted privileges in certain areas:

Go to, Billing->Account Privileges
Grant Privileges to a new Web ID(at the bottom)
Pick the FTP user (one at a time) and Create a Web ID for that user.
Once that’s done, you can grant the privilege to allow that user access to manage their own user.

Again, I haven’t gone this route for the sole purpose of password management, but I do have one user with their own privileges which includes managing their user account.