Change form test domain to new domain

Hi, I know it’s a very asked question, surfed these forums, wordpress forums and internet, but not really sure aobut what to do…

Situation: I have two domains in another registar. I have a hosting in dreamhost, associated to . That domain pointed to another server from another site, but I wanted a new one (I only import posts). As dns pointed to the existing one, I used to create all. In the ftp the dir is named newdomain already, i created that way. Now the two domains are fully hosted.

So, doing test seems ok, and I want to get the wordpress installation (and changes made). Not being necesary retain because i’ll redirect it to and probably wont renew it.

What can I do?

  • just hardcode wpconfig and forget about wordpress settings general , wordpress address and site adresss? Then just change posts or even delete and reimport posts.

define(‘WP_HOME’,‘’); define(‘WP_SITEURL’,‘’);

But this means i don’t need already ???

  • here talks of change wordpress adress and site addrees in dreamhost dboard? in wordpress dboard? both?

(didint use dreamhosters but my own other domain, but…)

  • i have listed all changes after install and have posts exported. Could do process again, but better no…

  • could just redirect newdomain to testdomain, but page would last a bit more in loading, and then I must use two domains always

Other links I read (I prefer not to touch database directly, just a bit of dahsboard dreamhost and/or ftp and / or wordpress):