Change foldername in FTP

I am unable to login to my website after installing the Better Wordpress Security. So I went into dreamhost ftp and tried to change the name of the plugin folder. But when I right click on it all I get is open or copy link, no Rename. Is this normal? Should I get a Rename option?

What domain is this for? I can try to replicate the error for you. You can also just verify the domain you need access to, and I’ll disable the plugins for you. :slight_smile:

As an aside, I’d strongly recommend using an FTP client rather than WebFTP. Filezilla is a great one:

The site is

I tried it through FTP (william hooper), but coudln’t change the filename. If you could manage I would be most grateful. I hope this is the reason why I can’t login. I made several changes that same day, inlcuding changing the admin name. All in the idea to have better security. Guess my actions were a little too good.

Thanks for your info! I was able to login to your WebFTP and rename your plugins folder (it’s now ‘plugins.old’). I right-clicked on the folder and it gave me the option to rename.

Referring to the quoted text above, were you not able to login to FTP? Or was the issue that you couldn’t rename the folder? Little confused here :stuck_out_tongue: If I’m misunderstanding let me know!

thank you! That seemed to have worked I can now log in! It was the plugin in the end.

What i meant was that I had made several changes that day and the following couldn’t login anymore. I was hoping that installing the plugin was the reason why.

What would you recommend I do with the plugin folder? Should I install all the plugins again. or simply change their settings and see if i can login again?

If you can login to your WordPress dashboard and rename the folder back to plugins, and then try accessing your plugins page there to deactivate and test, that’d be great. If you can’t, you can try to just delete the plugin folder and reinstall.