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Well I love Dreamhost for hosting, but I’ve not had good luck with my email. I’m considering changing providers. What is the best way to switch email providers while retaining my address? Does anyone recommend a service? Thanks!

I’ve moved my email while keeping hosting for my domains at Dreamhost.

It’s pretty simple to do, It just takes a few manual DNS entries in the dreamhost panel. I chose the Microsoft Office 365 email at $4/user/month. For that price you can host multiple domains and use as many aliases etc as you desire, and create additional shared mailboxes used by a group (example: ). Essentially a “user” is defined by how many sets of primary mailboxes that have login credentials.

Whoever you choose for email will give you the details for DNS records you need to create within the dreamhost panel. Microsoft’s account setup wizard is pretty nifty because it will check your DNS entries and tell you whether or not your actual DNS entries are correct. I would assume other email providers are similar.

Basically in the dreamhost panel you enter a Custom MX record, then several TXT records supplied by your new email provider for DKIM and SPF, and one more to identify your microsoft account.


Thank you for the great reply. I am also interested. What are the other Emails service that I should check ?

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I have been using Everyone.Net for email for many years. I have a “grandfathered-in” rate of $49/year for 5 accounts and unlimited aliases - dunno their current pricing. I get the mail by Outlook and Android K9 app. I’ve been mostly pleased with them. The services are stable. They rarely (like once every few years, if) get RBL’d, where most other services I know get blocked frequently due to random spammers, and mere accusations of abuse which take down tens of thousands of sites. I just hate that stuff.

Some people get gmail addresses and route their foo.tld email there, then use whatever client they want to access that. It’s free and only gets an occasional bad rap for the actual SMTP/POP that I know of. I don’t think gmail ever gets RBL’d … would they dare block millions of random GMail users?

I’m not happy with the 5 user limit at Everyone.Net - I’m getting greedy and looking for a host that does more than just shuffle my data on the wire for what I’m paying them. But given their stability and the fact that most every other service is pretty poor with email, I’m not inclined to jump too quickly.

I’ve not hosted email with DH for anything I care about, because of notoriously poor email services “reported” over the last decade+. But I’m happy to host everything else here. There was a recent challenge here (@smaffulli?) to essentially put up or shut up - justify recent complaints against DH email or quit blabbin about it. On one hand it’s seemed kinda quiet here over the last year, they’ve improved. On the other hand there are just enough complaints here and there to at least warrant a belief that while “pretty good” the services here just aren’t stable enough for daily business. I really wish DH would be more aggressive about this. I’d give them my extra $50/year if I thought there would be no worries with my email.


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