Change Email Layout

I’m only recently signed up with Dreamhost, and I must say, excellent service! Rediculously quick setup time w/domain registration and ftp available. Wonderful job that dreamhost is doing!

NOW TO MY QUESTION: Are we able to change the layout to our page? The little squirrel-going-nuts is adorable and such but I was just curious for future layout purposes of going for a complete uniform look. I’m only referring to the login page, not the actually accessed email accounts.

you can make a couple of minimal changes via the web panel, the cute squirrel can be replaced and the text in the gray bar

web panel > mail > webmail
then click the EDIT link to the right of the webmail/domain you’d like to alter



de nada


I am trying to get my favicon.ico to show up in my browser bar in my webmail. I have it in my main domain root directory and it shows up on all my pages etc, but I cannot find the sub-domain for

Does anyone know where I need to look for this so I can “brand” my webmail?