Change email from squirrel to webmail

how do I my client off of squirrel and into webmail?

I can’t find anything in the forum that’s on point or not a few years old. This should be an easy fix, but I’m just not seeing it.

help appreciated!
ALSO: I’ve tried using or and I can’t get in - even though I’m sure the log in info is correct.

If you’re asking about changing the webmail software for a domain, you can go to Mail > Webmail (in your panel) and click “Edit” to the right of the links there: From there, you can change your settings to use Roundcube rather than SquirrelMail. More about Roundcube here:

Are you still having trouble logging in to We can help with that if needed, just let us know! :slight_smile:

These are the choices? Roundcube or Squirrel? That’s it?

Yes, Roundcube or SquirrelMail. You can test drive both webmails at (squirrel) and

Or, you can always go the Gmail route if you like: :slight_smile:

How do I make Roundcube available at I enabled it from within the panel but it still shows up as squirrel mail when I go to my site.

I can access it through but I want to use my own domain.

The wiki link says:

[quote] Replacing SquirrelMail with RoundCube

Fortunately, we can replace the default webmail application if we want.

-Log into your Dreamhost webpanel.
-Select "Webmail" from the Mail section of the menu.
-Click on the "Edit" link next to the domain you want to replace SquirrelMail on.
-Check the "Disable webmail altogether?" checkbox and save changes.
-Select "Manage Domains" from the Domains section of the menu.
-Add a new subdomain titled
-[b]Move your RoundCube installation into that subdomain's directory on the server.[/b] [/quote]

I’m not sure how to do that last step.

Give it an hour or so to kick in, then reload your webmail.domain.tld

The Wiki is a place of confusion. Just do as DH_Elle S recommended :wink:

Thanks for your response. I went in and updated my post yesterday to say the issue fixed itself after a couple hours but I must have forgotten to hit the “Save Changes” button.

Another Roundcube related question though; Do we have access to customize the login page at our What limited documentation I can find seems to be from 2008.

Now that Google Apps is no longer free, and squirrel mail looks like it was from 1993, hopefully DH will dedicate more resources to making roundcube a viable alternative.

I don’t use Webmail, but I believe you can alter the login logo via Panel.

/off topic: I’m curious… why do you bother using a webmail interface at all?

I see an option to change the squirrel mail logo, but not the roundcube.

I have no particular reason or need for using the webmail interface. I thought I’d just give it a try and see how it went. (not great so far, although I do like the clean interface of roundcube)

Do most people just create an email address and set up forwarding to their gmail or whatever service they use?

Ahh, bugger. You’ll need to install it yourself in order to customise then.

I don’t know about most people, but if I was using webmail I’d probably pipe it over to GMail as you suggest. Their interface is pretty damn good. Personally I take advantage of IMAP and use a client like ThunderBird that can be setup to be portable if I need mail-on-the-go. The reason I asked was there has been some recent talk in the forum here regarding the webmail interface and I was curious as to why webmail was apparently the preferred method (of at least some DreamHosters) to access the mail system.

Alas, that is beyond my capabilities.

I digest the majority of my mail through my phone, but for those emails requiring more than a glance, or an extended response I like to be at a computer. Since I am at a different computer almost every workday installing Thunderbird is not an option. Most of those computers have the USB ports locked down so a thumbdrive thunderbird port is out too.