Change email address in Manage Email Panel

Is it possible to change an email address in the panel, without losing the stored email? I feel like this used to work, but is no longer possible.

E.g. I want to change to

When I look at the panel, I see
Mailbox Login:

which is a popup menu, but nothing happens when I click the menu.

Stop. Do not fuck with things if you actually want to keep them.

No, you can’t just change things like that. You can, however, fool the entire world by creating an alias her@ as a redirect (Forward Email) to him@ and receive mail at your original address.

What used to take 5 seconds now takes a couple of hours…

It’s too bad they removed that feature, as it was pretty handy (although I could see how you could get yourself into trouble with it).

I ended up creating a new account, then using imapsync to migrate data over.

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Good tip. I’ll have to check that out!

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