Change domain of email box


Does anyone know if I can change the domain associated with a mailbox without losing any mail?

I have a mailbox which has an alias pointing to it. I want to switch these around so that the physical mailbox is and the original one is the alias (so I can get rid of eventually).



If they are both aliased, it is irrelevant - if they are mailboxes, mailboxes are, by definition, associated with domains.

The end result, either way, is that the alias should forward to wherever you have it set to forward.

If you are using IMAP, you will have to migrate the one mailbox to the other to keep all the mail intact. If you are using POP3, it shouldn’t make any difference - just download everything to your client computer, change mailboxes/addresses as desired, set up your client for the new mailbox, and keep on going.

You can export he old account’s mail in the client, and import it into the new account if you want, or don’t (the email should still be available in the client under tho old account).



I can’t really see how it’s irrelevant.

Yes both alias’ function fine. I am using IMAP (webmail). I still need to get rid of the domain that the has the mailbox associated with so I still need to know how to do this. (There must be a better way than downloading the mail to a PC and then back again, especially for the accounts that aren’t my personal mail)


Well, then maybe it’s not … I only meant that, either way, the mail gets delivered as you desire. Sorry for not being clearer about what I meant - if your aliases both work you won’t “lose” mail (incoming mail will be delivered) Now, preserving exisiting IMAP mail is a different thing altogether, and I mentioned that later on :wink:

I see, so what you need to do is migrate the mail from one account to the other, right?

Assuming that both email accounts are actual Mailboxes associated with machine users (with Maildirs you can reach from the shell), as opposed to “email only users”, there are a several approaches you could take besides uploading/downloading (which I only mentioned in relation to POP3 - and that is what you would have to do in that case, as there is no mail left on the server to manipulate).

Some of them are discussed here:

Is that what you are looking for?