Change Domain Name

I have a fully hosted DH site - I want to change the whole site over to I own and it is currently not hosted anywhere.

How do I make the change?

Once the change is complete, I intend to have domain1 forward to domain2 for a year or so before I drop that domain altogether. (I know how to do this.)

It’s pretty easy to move the content and the primary entrance to your site to domain2. One thing you need to consider is if you have made ‘absolute’ links within your site that point to domain1. In a perfect world when linking within your own site you would always use ‘relative’ links for things link images and links within the site.

The general steps are:
1 - add domain2 as a fully hosted domain via manage domains. IMPORTANT: configure it with the SAME user as domain1
2 - if the user does not have shell access, upgrade the user by editing the user on the Manage Users page.
3 - if this is worpresss, login to the WP admin and change the domain in the settings, you will get an error and your blog will not be available until you have completed the next step.
4 - login to your users shell account and swap the files for domain1 and 2…ie:
mv to temp-holder
mv temp-holder

5 - once you are sure you don’t want to reverse this process, you can remove hosting from domain1 and add your redirect or mirror.

Note if you are using wordpress step 3 must precede step 4. If your not familiar with these steps you may want to enlist the help of a friend that has basic linux/unix knowledge to help. since every situation is a little bit different it’s only possible to give the general steps.

Thanks for the help, LakeRat! Yes, it is a WP site.

So, I’m at step 1 and already a little stuck - when I add domain2, I have to choose Redirect, Mirrored, Parked, etc. Which one do I choose?[hr]
In looking at your instructions more closely, it doesn’t seem to matter much. I’m parking it and pressing on!

You need fully hosted, not Redirect, Mirrored, Parked, etc

Ok, I’m totally stuck on step 4. Care to be enlisted as a friend?! :slight_smile:

Actually you can probably do step 4 with your ftp client as well. Try to find a rename function for server side files. In mine it’s possible to right click the folder name and pick rename. That’s simplier than getting you to a command prompt to do it that way.[hr]
basically what we are doing in temporarily renaming the folder for domain2 to temp-holder, then renaming domain 1 to domain 2 and finishing it up with taking temp-holder and renaming to domain1.

Oh, that worked! Woohoo! Many, many thanks!!! I could not have done it without you!