Change domain from parked to fully hosted

Good morning,

I have a domain on my account that is currently parked. I would like to edit this domain to be fully hosted. However when I try to edit the domain service I do not have that option. The only options I see are:

A Parked Domain (Selected)
A Domain Redirect
Display another site at your domain
A Mirrored Domain

My current hosting plan specifies that I should have the ability to add additional fully hosted domains. How can I manage this domain to be fully hosted and not parked? Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:


in the web panel under domains > manage then under the domain in qustion you should see an entry in the left column that says “Web (Site is ‘mirror’.)”… in the right column of that row you should see an “edit” link which will take you to the page where you can turn it into a “Fully hosted domain” (should be the first option).

If that’s not the case, I’d contact support.


Firstly thanks for the reply. I just followed what you suggested and it took me to the same page that I was referring in my original post with the same limited options. Hmm, yeah I guess I’ll need to contact support.

Hmm. This seems like it should be an FAQ, but I can’t find a suitable entry in the knowledgebase.

Following this thread and others similar, it seems reasonable to assume that the option to edit a domain to make it “hosted” might only become active once that domain has been fully registered, in which case, I am happy to wait until that option pings into life.

Can anybody confirm this supposition? Or put me straight?

Just to add a little context - I signed up for a new plan, created a new domain with my “free domain option” and that is now hosted and fully active. At the same time, I registered another new domain and that is the one that is currently “parked” - but I can’t seem to find any pointers to suggest what I need to do (if anything) to move it from “parked” to “hosted”.


Don’t wait a few days to see if this clears up. Write Support about this - I’m sure they can straighten the issue in a matter of hours.

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[quote]Can anybody confirm this supposition?


I confirm it is NOT the case in my experience. As one would hope, so to allow one to get the site in place for when the domain registration made it availble to visitors.

[quote]I registered another new domain and that is the one that is currently “parked”


Is it possible you’re at your plan’s limit for hosted domains?

Thanks for both the above. In answer to the questions - and for the benefit of other people who may have a similar problem now and in the future - my plan caters for 15 hosted domains, and I only have one currently.

Also, doom and gloom, I thought I had found the answer by transferring the “parked” domain to “my” plan - in fact that action appears to have caused the purchase of additional plan at some $239.40. This mistake was appallingly easy to make - no confirmation of purchase was requested, neither have I received an email confirmation, just a nasty little surprise lurking in the “invoice” section of my admin panel. :o(

Have written to Sales re: erroneous purchase of additional plan.

Will contact Support, as advised, regarding the domain that continues to sit in “parked” status.


An update for the record - and for others who might search on “parked”.

Contacted support as advised, and they straightened me out quickly on the accidental purchase of the second Hosting plan.

The errant domain is now happily sitting in “hosted” status, but how it managed to gain that status continues to be a mystery (to me). The whole time it was in “parked” there was no option to transfer it to hosted status - this only became available when I accidentally transferred the domain to a new hosting plan.

Bizarre. Something to look forward to with the next domain…

Worth mentioning here - the support throughout has been superlative - and pleasant, to boot.

[quote]how it managed to gain that status continues to be a mystery


Support changed it for you?