Change database passwords


I want to change the passwords to my Wordpress mySQL databases – the one that the wp_config.php files use. I changed the ftp password for my main user account, but the old passwords to the databases still works, and I can’t figure out where to go in my DH web panel to change them. Can someone help?


Goodies > MySQL, and click on the user names (next to databases) to edit them.


Thanks for the reply.
So the database password for a user is the same as the FTP password?

I already changed the user pw the way you specify after a security breach. But the old password still seems to work to access the database from the wp-config.php file.

What am I missing?



FTP passwords are changed in the panel at User -> Manage Users or

MySQL password are changed in the panel at Goodies -> MySQL or

Perhaps your users have the same name? They are in fact seperate users however, go to the second link and click the user name in question. Once the password is changed there your site will become unavailable until you also change the password in wp-config.php


Thanks! Makes sense to me now.