Change content easily? same post as Design forum

I’ve had a few websites hosted here for many years. I have provided the content and meta tags, etc., but have hired people to set them up.

Until I am again in a financial position to hire someone to redesign my website, I need to change the content in my sites A.S.A.P. myself. I do not know HTML and have no time to learn in the near future. An immediate solution would be for me to edit the content so that the information is up-to-date and leave all designs and page layouts, etc. alone.

What software would you recommend that would enable me to change content the easiest and fastest?

I was recommended coffee-cup by a friend, but after I read reviews on it, decided it may do more harm than good. Someone else recommended another one, but it said not to use it on pages that were designed using HTML.

Would I need FTP software too?

Thank you for your help!

Posting in multiple forums makes it hard for others to follow your thread(s) … I’ve posted an answer to your first post.