Change "Add a Card"

Why does your payment portal say “Add a Card” when this is semantically incorrect?

If I “add a card”, the assumption is that I’m adding it to your system. However, your current payment system is completely incapable of remembering any of my payment information. (It used to, and it was convenient.)

This really should say “Enter a Card” since I’m just entering my card information, and you are not keeping it. Bonus Fun: If I make an error, when the page refreshes, all of my card information is gone and I have to enter it again. (Not really fun, just frustrating.)

Your old payment system was much better. Your current payment system is a disincentive to further our business relationship. I know you must have reasons for preferring the current one (although Amazon has no problem remembering my payment information), so the least you could do is make it semantically correct.

This sounds like a bug (not the text of the button but you should be able to store details of a card and automatically get billed): can you add more details of what you’re experiencing?