Change a subdomain once it's made


Hey group,

Just set up a phpBB on a subdomain I created,, but soon realized that the domain URL would just confuse people. Thought it was a good idea at the time, heh.

Anyway, I want to change the subdomain to while still retaining the data I’ve created already at Is there any easy way to do this, or should I start over from scratch?

Thanks guys, this forum has been very helpful to me in the past.


Breakpoint City


I’ve created a new subdomain, and then logged in via FTP or SSH and renamed to (or just delete it), and then renamed to

Be sure to edit your config files so they point to the new domain name.



Create your new sub-domain and copy across your data then go to the domain manage page here you will see a cross next to the domain/subdomain which you can use to kill the sub-domain. That will ensure the dns records and the sub-domain database records are properly updated. Save any material you need first though.
You can guarantee that in a few months when you try to recreate the old sub-domain you will wonder why you are told that it already exists. :wink: