Change A-Record on Domain without hosting


I purchased a new domain name from Dreamhost today. I need to change the A-Record on the domain, but the option isn’t there. My DH hosted domain has a DNS section underneath it in ‘Manage Domains.’ The new domain does not.

The instructions I am finding on the web say to click on DNS to change the A-Record. In fact, many of these instructions have pictures as they are showing people how to move their hosting. Thus, they say to delete the hosting under ‘Manage Domains’ and then to click the DNS option and change it.

Here in this forum I read that I will not have that option DNS until I add hosting.

So, my question is: Since I just bought this today am I being impatient and I have to wait 1-3 days before everything has propagated before the DNS option shows up, or is that option only available when I add hosting?

Any help is appreciated for my silly question.


You will have to add some sort of hosting for that new domain to get DNS turned on.

  1. Add a Parked domain for
  2. Add a parked domain for
  3. Delete the parked domain for
  4. Edit DNS for

I believe that Step 2 requires Step 1 first, but you might be able to skip #1.



Ok so- if I were to say, purchase a domain name only- I wouldnt be able to administrate it at all until I get some sort of hosting package?

-Jyn Meyer

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Nah, that’d be pretty silly really! Even if you don’t have a hosting plan, you can still add certain types of hosting for the domain, including DNS-only hosting (which just creates the domain with no DNS records so you can add your own). Which is exactly what you want, I’m guessing. :slight_smile:


Heh, hadn’t noticed the DNS-Only option. Quite handy.