Change A record for domain

How do I change the A record for the domain at dreamhost? I want it to point to another server.

The domain is not registered at dreamhost though (it’s only hosted at the moment at dreamhost but I want it hosted at another server). So what do I do?

  1. Will you be maintaining a hosting account at dreamhost?
  2. Is there some reason you want to use the dreamhost nameserver for that domain even though you won’t be hosting that domain here?

You can change the DNS entries for a domain from the DNS link for that domain in the “Manage Domains” section of the control panel.

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Well I’ve gotten an offer from my university to host my site so that way I will get a dedicated server and all in all it will be better for my needs.

So i suppose…

  1. No since I want to move all my stuff to my university (not really sure what you mean)
  2. What kind of reason would that be? The domain is registered at another registrar (not dreamhost) so I guess I could use the nameservers of that registrar right?

The reason I asked the questions was that when you drop your hosting account here, you will no longer be able to manage the DNS records for your domain. It thus becomes better to manage your DNS records at your registrar or some other nameserver where you’ll be able to actually manage the records - your registrar or a free one like zoneedit for instance. I dunno if your university runs a nameserver that will allow you easy control over your dns records.

Note that if you have a dedicated server you can run your own nameservers!

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