Change A NAME on domain registered through Dreamhost

Is this not possible with Dreamhost? I can only find a place to change the nameservers.

If you’ve got the nameservers set to DreamHost, yes, it’s pretty easy. You’ll need to disable any hosting for the domain first (Manage Domains > “Remove” button under “Web Hosting” column), then you can add your own DNS records to replace ours under the “DNS” link for the domain.

Thank you for the response, AndrewF.

I seem to be having trouble finding the DNS link. The hosting is removed at this point, and when I go to Domains > Manage Domains, I don’t see much of anything except a list of domains and a button that says “Add hosting.” So I dug around in the control panel and found the place to change the nameserver under Domains > Registations > click the domain I want to work with > it shows the WHOIS info with a button at the bottom that says “Change WHOIS Info” and I go into that because I’m trying everything I can find, not because I’m trying to alter the WHOIS info, and there is a drop down to select the WHOIS info to change OR the nameservers. Nothing to be found for DNS records.
I’ve read through the wiki and it says pretty much the same thing you just said, but I’ve been unable to locate the DNS link that allows me to change anything other than nameservers so far.

Also, nameservers are currently:

it’s not the most intuitive flow… but go back to manage domains and use the add button to add it. don’t start at the top of that next page tho… scroll all the way to the bottom and add it as DNS only. Then you will be able to find the DNS button on manage domains page.
if the domain is already listed tho, there should be a DNS LINK right below the name.

I went to Add Hosting, selected DNS Only, and now I see the DNS link. Tells me there’s no zone file and to check back. Since I JUST changed it to DNS only, I’ll give it some time and check back after work. But now that the DNS link is there, I"m assuming everything will be fine. Thanks guys!

Sounds like you’ve got it! It does sometimes take just a few minutes for the zone file message to disappear when you’ve just added a domain. If you’re still having any trouble with this at all, please feel free to send a PM with a domain or account number, and I’ll be glad to check things out and send you an email.