Change .%20s to _ or -

I am working on a site that their SEO people insisted on spaces between words in directory names and page names. Now everybody is upset about all the %20 markup in their browsers.

I am looking for a fix, rewrite? Or any other suggestion you might have.


Not really my area of expertise, but i did just navigate around on your test site and with FF4.0.1 I am seeing spaces in your URLs and not %20 Browser dependent?

It’s just another IE thing! Arg

Thanks for looking!

Yeah, there’s no way to put a real space in a URL. Firefox will display “%20” as a space in the address bar, but if you copy and paste the address it’s still a “%20” internally.

I’d be pretty surprised (and concerned) if your “SEO people” didn’t know about this behavior, also! You’d think they would have noticed this before…

Generally dashes are preferred: