Chances of surviving a Hacker News onslaught?

I’m going to be posting one of my sites to Hacker News within the next couple of days. Hopefully, it will be very popular.

What are the chances that my site will survive the onslaught?

It’s a pretty simple site, developed in CodeIgniter, with pretty tight hand-coded SQL.

Any advice appreciated.


Before opening to the public where you might get “slashdotted”, see if you can run some stress testing utilities against your site. There are some websites that offer to slam your site for free or a small fee. I have no idea how these work yet but I’m going to look for this myself very soon for a site we’re pushing out to the public. We’re running Drupal. Personally I’d prefer doing this to opening the doors and then getting closed down in the public eye, having not prepared for it with some real world testing.