Chacha on Panel please?

Heyo, any way you think we can get Chacha/Poly1305 negotiation options on the dreamcompute panel? Right now it’s RC4 default and that’s not really ok for credentials.

Also, in the future will we be able to add more diskspace? We can add extra IP’s but I would add another 10TB of hard disk space (not ssd) to my account if it was possible.

Also the preset options for instance sizing is ambiguously named and the options themselves are lacking. I would really like a sliding scale or an “advanced options” to delegate more specifically.

While I’ve got you reading are there any plans to implement VM nesting? It’s not as efficient on your end so I can see why you wouldn’t but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Most important thing though is securing the cpanel, I can understand not doing AES but please at least give us Chacha or tell us how to disable the entire webui and gut it from our instance.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. We typically use Mozilla intermediate compatibility suite - - and plan to implement this for the DreamCompute dashboard as well.