CGI script not working

i want this cgi script to be executed everytime, and i followed Dreamhost’s wiki steps to do so. But it isn’t enough…
i made a cgi-bin directory inside my public folder, i placed the script there, even created an .htaccess file with the Options +ExecCGI directive, but it doesn’t work
the directory and file have been properly chmodded… what can be happening?
Please help. :frowning:

Hi antilope, I’m having the same problem – followed all the instructions in wiki but still getting 500 errors. There must be some configuration somewhere I’m missing. (But where??) Did you ever figure this out?

The most common cause of CGI scripts failing to run is having the script saved with DOS/Windows style line endings (CR+LF). Check in your text editor… they need to be set to UNIX line endings (LF).

Thanks for the suggestion!

In my case I’d just forgotten that cgi script output needs the Content-type header. The simplest test.cgi script is thus:

echo "Content-type: text/plain"
echo “test”

Ironically, if I had been testing using my real cgi scripts it would’ve worked just fine! :slight_smile:

(Thanks to some support lady named Jennifer for pointing out my stupid mistake!)