I’ve tried to install cgi-proxy for the second time now, since a new version is out, but with no luck… It still returns a blank page.

Here’s what i’ve tried so far:

  • changed the $NOT_RUNNING_AS_NPH to true
  • chmoded script to +755
  • changed perl path to perl5.6.1

Can someone help me out here, please? I really need this to work…

I solved the issue by looking at this kb article:

Basically by chmod’ing the dir containing the script recursively to +755.

Note that CGI proxies are known to regularly cause problems and consume system resources. They’re generally not allowed on our servers because of that but if they don’t cause us problems we won’t notice. If it does cause a problem we’ll shut it down.

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Well, don’t worry, it’s accessible only to me, in a password-protected/ssl directory, and i rarely use it…