perl module


I’m trying to run a Perl script from a static WordPress page and have no idea how to set it up. Yes, total newb.

The script is for a Chinese/English Dictionary, and includes an html, pl, and U8 file. While I can get the html to display and work correctly, configuring the Perl leaves me blank.

I need the perl module. How do I access that at Dreamhost? Below find the portions of the readme with the script. I have made the other changes as required in the readme.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Your server needs to support CGI for this script
to work. Contact your service provider for more information on CGI on
your server.

Included in this distribution are the HTML form for entering the
dictionary query and the perl script for responding to the query. The
following changes to these files will need to be made to fit your
local server:


  • Change the ACTION attribute in the FORM tag on line 73 to point to
    where you will install the perl file on your server.

  • You need at least Perl5 to run the script. Please install it or
    ask your service provider to install it if it is not alreay there.
    See for details on where to find and how to
    install perl.
  • You will need the perl module. This comes with the Perl5
    distribution as far as I know, so you probably will not have to worry
    about it. If you don’t happen to have it, you can also go to for information on downloading and installing it.
  • Change the first line of the script to reflect the location of perl
    on your system.
  • The name of the dictionary file on line 160 (cedict_ts.u8), may
    need to have some capitalization changes to exactly match the names of
    the files downloaded from the CEDICT home page. Make sure the file is
    installed in the same directory as where the script will run.
  • You’ll need to change the value of the ACTION attribute on line 365
    to point to the location of the script on your server.