CGI:IRC - permissible?

CGI:IRC is a cgi-based tool that acts as an irc client in a web browser. It doesn’t act as a relay or a server (and it doesn’t start a persistent process).

However, because my last webhost shut it down without warning, claimed it was an irc bot/daemon and refused to listen to my explanation, I’ve grown a bit wary. Has anyone here had experiences with it, and do you know if it’s allowed on Dreamhost?

You could ask support, but I would guess no, especially if another host already shut it down. It let’s you access IRC from your browser–but it’s still something that runs on the server. That’s not the same as something running from your browser, or else it would be installed on your computer, rather than a hosting server.

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Actually, I asked before I ordered the hosting plan, and they said something like “as long as it is not a persistent/continuous” program, it’d be okay (so what the wiki says, basically).

My question was less directed at the DH terms of service than what cgi:irc actually does. I know nothing about Perl/CGI, so I have only the software description to go from - and the fact that my old host shut it down.