CGI Internal Server Error


I have been running a small cgi script to launch images from my portfolio in a clean window for the past 5 years. Tonight I registered a new domain for a different portfolio site and uploaded the same cgi script. Now neither of them work! The relevant sites are:

Any ideas? The error log reports:
Premature end of script headers: load.cgi, referer:

Any help would be very much appreciated!!


That error message sounds familiar. Have you done a search in this forum? Type in “premature end of script headers” and set the search for All posts (not just the past 90 or so days).

If nothing turns up, post back. I think I’ve had the same problem, but would have to scratch my head for a bit to remember it.


That’s strange, becuase (with the exception of a single "not found graphic in the “about” section), both of those sites seem to work for me. doesn’t load, but loads the portfolio, as does

Did you find the problem and fix it, or do you just need to clear your caches? :wink:


Yeah I finally managed to fix it. Though this is interesting because now all of is giving me a 404 error. :confused:

Thanks for the replies!

I’m wondering if you are having connectivity issues, or if possibly this is a case of recently changed DNS acting up, as once again is working fine (new contents from my last check) and works properly also.

I like your drawings very much (particularly your “life drawings”!) :slight_smile:


I think somehow the permissions got reset on all my sites and that’s what caused the problems.

Thanks for checking again though and happy you like my drawings. :slight_smile: