Cgi Internal Server Error


First of all, I am a self-proclaimed idiot. I have read various entries on cgi scripts at dreamhost including the forum and dreamhost knowledge base, but nothing has clicked.

I bought a program that would enable me to host a classified ad site. I have a domain called which is cloaked. It have it set up to point to

Here is a demo of the classified program I am trying to install:

I had something out there already in the 2000down directory, so i moved it all over to a folder called 2000down_orig and I used ws ftp to move the files I had purchased to the 2000down directory

I was given the following 3 folders:

To try to cut down on confusion, I created a “cgi-bin” folder in the 2000down directory and uploaded the “classifieds” folder there. It contained the cgi scripts. I uploaded this folder in ASCII format.

I set the permissions on all of these files from 644 to 755.
I edited the gobal.config file and changed the username to my username which is chunky.
I also changed all instances of “” to “”.

Then I uploaded the data folder to the 2000down directory, (not the cgi-bin directory). I uploaded in ASCII format and then changed all permissions to 777.

Then I uploaded the classifiedimages folder to the same place as the data folder. I uploaded in Binary format.

According to the instructions, I am just supposed to be able to go to the address,

BUT doesnt work. I feel certain it is me and not the program.
Maybe I edited the gobal wrong, or shouldn’t have created a cgi-bin folder?

you can see everything, I think at

Thank you,


Just wanted to update my situation. I am still receiving the error message, but i did change my service from cloak to fully host.

Please help,