Cgi help

not exactly new to web design, but I am CGI lliterate, and need a bit of help. I need to run a cgi script on my account to mail form data to me. anyone wanna offer me some help with this. I have the form itself written, but no clue how to get it to post via a cgi.

Did you take a look at There is a pretty good overview of how to get your form working with the DH supplied formmail.cgi that is available for all DH users.

If you have trouble after looking at that, post back with your problems and/or explain what you don’t understand, and I’m sure you will get plenty of help. :wink:


As an example of how to use the DreamHost formmail.cgi, below is a simple ‘Contact Form’ I am using on one of my sites…


Your Email Address

Your Name


Enter Your Message Here


The formatting probably won’t survive, but it might be of some use to you.


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