I need to install an irc applet so I can access a support channel that it irc based.

Now the one I have downloaded to use is here:

It seem they are supporting Dreamhost

But I can’t find the usr/Bin directory specified ?? is CGI supported or not?

Can anybody suggest another irc client that will run on Dreamhost



You can run CGI from anywhere. You do not need a specific ‘cgi-bin’ but for ease of use just create one where you want it. See here for more CGI information.

I am not so sure about using IRC though. Run the link by DreamHost first.



I think he’s just talking about an IRC client.

To the OP, if that’s the case, why not just install one on your PC? Or heck, use Trillian ( IM client. It connects to all IM networks AND it has an IRC client built in. I use the IRC myself within it from time to time, works really well.