For some reason my site redirects to this directoy. I have no htaccess files anymore, so I am unsure of whats causing the redirect.

I had installed zend framework and earlier everything was working fine. I checked later and it no longer worked, broken redirect. So I removed all my htaccess and now it does this.

Any ideas?

Without the URL, it’s hard to say. Your browser may have cached something. There really may still be a .htaccess file. What index file do you have in your site’s root directory?

No index file. It should, in theory, just show the directory.

Ok, so I deleted the domain from web panel an then I also deleted the folder from the ftp. Then I re-added the domain and…


it still redirects.

Any ideas?

Make sure to check the directories “up tree” to see if you have a .htaccess file there. I have seen this fairly often where an .htaccess file ends up in the user FTP directory.

other domains for the account still work fine. And the root shows no htaccess…good idea though, wish it were the case :frowning:

I’m getting a plain page with just the text of “Test.” It looks like you got it working.

Well, when I removed the domain from the host then added it, I think it fixed the issue, it just took a while for it to propogate. Still not sure what “caused” it in the first place. I will try to install zend framework again and see if I run into the same issue.[hr]
Sure enough, executing the following commands in shell caused the same issue…

alias zf=/home/ajlisowski/ZEND_framework/bin/

source .bash_profile

zf create project


Now I’m getting the bad_http_conf error, which may be caused by this:

Well, I totally F’d up now…

this is a disaster.

I backed up and deleted everything from my root to try and figure out what was causing it.

Now, I swear I backed it up first but I have no idea where it is…any way to get the bash file and everything else in my root directory back?[hr]

Phew, I searched and found my backup…no worries.

Ok…now I have executed all the zf commands and have a project at

i do not have an .htaccess file setup so you just see the root, so far so good.[hr]
Ok, as of right now…

I have a working default zend framework installed with an htaccess successfully set up.

sucessfully shows the /public directory which shows the default zend framework screen.

It appears everything is good. However, I was at this stage yesterday around this time and then without touching anything began getting that crazy redirect like 4 hours later when I went to actually start working.

I am taking another break now…hopefully in a few hours im still good to go.

Thanks for the help / just letting me talk myself through this and not feel alone :slight_smile: