Cgi-bin directory

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I am confused about where I put any cgi scripts. all other hosts that I have used had a cgi-bin directory, this does not or if it does, i don’t know where it is. Can some one point me in the right directory? I saw something in the wiki, but hopefully this would not be as complicated as that seemed to be. thanks in advance for any help.


The pertinent part in the Wiki was:

" Do I have to put my cgi scripts in a special cgi-bin directory? Where is it?

NO! If you have cgi access enabled, any script with a .cgi or .pl extension will be recognized by the server to be a cgi script and does NOT have to be in a special directory. The only restriction is that you need to place those files under your domain directory. You can put them in a directory named “cgi-bin” if you’d like of course! (examples: /home/youruser/ or /home/youruser/ Just be sure to tell your FTP client to upload them as ASCII files or they won’t work! "

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Thanks for the quick response, it works.


Thanks just what I was searching for…