Cgi-bin/cache dir

Anybody know where I find it, how I access it? Need to edit a couple of pages and have been told by the guy who authored it that this is where this particular page needed to be edited.

It’s kinda hard for one to answer this question when one is not familiar with your web site configuration.

Given that he is actually talking about a directory path ‘cgi-bin/cache’, you’ll have to login to FTP to modify files there. You would want to look for a directory named “cgi-bin” and inside it would be a directory named “cache”.

In Windows XP, you may be able to access it by browsing to ftp://hostname/ where ‘hostname’ would be ‘ftp.[your domain]’, eg ‘’. It will prompt you for your FTP username and password.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll go log on to my ftp client and poke around. Can you tell me if there is anything I might need to enable in order to see the cgi-bin/cache directory? I ask this b/c I poked around in the FTP client last night and didn’t see anything called cgi-bin/cache. The web guy said the pull the page up in FPage as the htm template, then make the changes and then save it as a .txt file and ftp it after cleaning the cache. However, when I pull the template up in FP, it has all this module stuff, which I believe is APACHE, and there’s nothing really editable.

I do not use Microsoft FrontPage. Perhaps now that it is known what application you are using, someone who does can help. Though perhaps it would be best to enlist someone to assist you with maintaining your site.

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Using FrontPage is always a mistake, but especially so if you’re attempting to do advanced things like CGI scripting… it’s sure to foul up any non-Microsoft code it gets its hands on.

– Dan

I know, but right now it’s all I have. That will be changing come X-Mas.