CGI-bin and Form Mail

I can not get my e-mail form to work. I have no clue how many times I’ve tried but its so frustrating. I use the action DH told me to and it doesn’t work. And I was also wondering why I don’t seem to have a cgi-bin, at least not one that I can access.

all information is greatly appreciated

You don’t need a cgi-bin directory, but you can make one if it’ll make you feel better. Executable files can go anywhere.

We can help more if you post the code to your form here, and make sure to X out any sensitive information like your email address.


Thats the form in its entirity. File is saved with a .php extension



Current URL:

Art Example #1:

Art Example #2:

Art Example #3:

Type of Site






Specify Other:

Comments or Questions

Your form is fine. What happens when someone submits it?

Why is it a PHP file?


Well the problem is it doesn’t send. I’m not sure why. Its a php file because I used php includes so that i can have the same header on every page without using frames. I don’t think it matters though because I’ve used it on normal .html files

Does it return the status page with the info it sent? I tried it and it sent me mail and then showed me the status page.


If the problem that “it does not send” is only evidenced by you not receiving the mail, consider that it sometimes takes an “inordinately” long time for DH mail accounts to be properly “live”.

This may have nothing to do with your situation, but given Scott’s reported success, it might be relevant if you have just recently (within the last day or so) created the related email account. Just a thought! :wink:


No I’ve had the account for a year. For me it just clears the fields and doesn’t send a thing. I can’t make sense of it.

Okay it’s the weirdest thing. I put the form on a page by its self, and it worked. But it won’t work on my other page. I am so confused

Okay I have no clue what’s going on because 2 hours ago it wouldn’t do anything and now it works just how it’s supposed to.

Thank you though for all your kind help