Certificates in Email via SSL

I currently access my email via IMAP over SSL. I am using mail.mydomain.com as the email server, and when I connect to check mail, I receive a warning message that the SSL certificate doesn’t match my hostname (since it’s for mail.dreamhost.com). Can I do anything about this?

Depends what client you’re using.

I, too, would be very interested in a solution to this. I’m using Apple’s Mail.app and my girlfriend is using Thunderbird. Both reject the certificate since it doesn’t match the server to which we’re connecting.

I also really need a fix for it. Rather than mail.mydomain.com I use the actual server name murdock.dreamhost.com. Can you have a certificate for murdock.dreamhost.com rather than mail.dreamhost.com so we won’t get that error. Anyone who wants to use SSL (as I do) can use the actual host name rather than their domain name.

The best solution would to disable the built-in mail.yourdomain.com, create a subdomain called mail.yourdomain.com, install squirrelmail or horde or somesuch at mail.yourdomain.com. Then you can get a secure cert. for mail.yourdomain.com and all should work. I know godaddy.com is charging $30/year for a cert.