Hey all,

I’m having trouble getting the centova messenger (centova.com) to work on my domain. I have the database setup and it’s accessible, but i get an error from the centova wizard stating that it cannot connect to the database. The permissions of the files are correct and i double-checked everything, so there’s no (apparent) reason for it not working.

Has anyone got this working?

P.S.- The files come encoded with ioncube loader, maybe that’s it?

[quote]P.S.- The files come encoded with ioncube loader, maybe that’s it?


This almost definitely wouldn’t work, as we don’t support ionCube loader (or similar tools like Zend Encoder, etc).

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The strange thing is that, if the ioncube loader wasn’t working the script wouldn’t even run, it would throw an exception regarding ioncube not installed.

So i’m stuck for now. I can access the db from home so it isn’t a permissions issue…

Any solutions? Or a decent alternative to centova?


After a long time i got the script working following a suggestion by Centova’s author and upgrading the ioncube loader. That got the script connecting to the database. But right now i’m getting another error, when the contact-list pops up it gets redirected to:


Which obviously doesn’t work since that’s not the script directory. Also, the protocol is incorrect (the script is in a ssl directory).

Any ideias as to why this redirection is happening?