Centipede server load times

My sites on Centipede server are all loading with 20-second delays. Can anyone else confirm the horrid performance currently crippling sites on this server?

i’m on server but i’m having the same issues, anotrher day same crap.

and Internal Server Errors! i have sent many a ticket.

It’s been getting progressively worse. But today is the worst it has ever been. Some sites that usually load in 5-6 seconds are taking a full 100-110 seconds to load. For all intents and purposes the site mights as well be down because nobody is going to stick around and wait that long for the site to load. :frowning:

Do you have any urls to your sites, so others can run some tests (load time tests, traceroutes, etc.) ?


I’m on seamus and things have been getting slower over the last week or so. Today things are terrible.

Do you have any urls to your sites, so others can run some tests (load time tests, traceroutes, etc.) ? Additionally, what are you seeing as server load numbers when you check them?


The main site is ireadingroom.com.

Here’s the uptime info from today:

10:20:03 up 11 days, 9:35, 54 users, load average: 47.53, 48.57, 46.61
10:30:01 up 11 days, 9:45, 55 users, load average: 37.63, 39.51, 43.23
10:40:03 up 11 days, 9:55, 54 users, load average: 49.55, 47.25, 45.95
10:50:00 up 11 days, 10:05, 54 users, load average: 50.66, 49.53, 48.34
11:00:01 up 11 days, 10:15, 55 users, load average: 48.40, 47.12, 47.70
11:10:00 up 11 days, 10:25, 54 users, load average: 45.89, 43.26, 45.72
11:20:02 up 11 days, 10:35, 54 users, load average: 43.22, 44.39, 46.41
11:30:01 up 11 days, 10:45, 54 users, load average: 44.01, 48.00, 47.80
11:40:00 up 11 days, 10:55, 55 users, load average: 48.07, 46.97, 47.79
11:50:01 up 11 days, 11:05, 52 users, load average: 50.30, 49.54, 48.40
12:00:02 up 11 days, 11:15, 52 users, load average: 49.20, 51.42, 50.74
12:10:00 up 11 days, 11:25, 52 users, load average: 44.01, 47.08, 49.66
12:20:02 up 11 days, 11:35, 52 users, load average: 50.36, 50.28, 49.77
12:30:02 up 11 days, 11:45, 52 users, load average: 40.40, 42.77, 46.22
12:40:03 up 11 days, 11:55, 52 users, load average: 52.85, 49.46, 47.69
12:50:02 up 11 days, 12:05, 53 users, load average: 47.93, 51.99, 50.55
13:00:01 up 11 days, 12:15, 53 users, load average: 56.48, 52.50, 50.90
13:10:02 up 11 days, 12:25, 53 users, load average: 44.06, 48.02, 50.13

That info helps to understand what is happening quite a lot. I had a “slowish” DNS lookup when visiting the site, and the front page took approximately 6 seconds to load.

Inspection of my traceroute information showed a couple of hops with bad latency (over 150ms), but genreally no serious problems in my routing.

Those load numbers, IMHO, tell the whole story. CMS Simple having to make the trip to the MySQL server is part of the delay, but the real culprit looks to me to be the server itself…usually load numbers that stay in that range indicate an NFS problem, or some user(s) hammering the machine pretty heavily.

Hopefully, DH tech support can identify the issue(s) and get it dealt with, though I can imagine how frustrating it is to deal with that kind of problem.

I like your site - you can never have too many Project Gutenberg mirrors :wink: .



Usually loads in 5-6 seconds. Today, it’s been taking over 100 seconds to load the page, or I get a server error.

I’m getting a slow load on that page too; it takes approimately 25-30 seconds for me to load it fully…

That said, that page is pretty hard on a server :wink: :

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…and being dynamically assembled means lots of requests to be handled to load a single page. What kind of server loads are you seeing when you check “uptime” or “w” from the command line?


I’m seeing the same problems, all of my sites are loading very slowly (if at all). If it doesn’t load slowly I get error messages saying the server reset the connection.

Oddly the loads look to be fairly low now, 1.83 2.61 4.25, but something is wrong with the server since it takes it nearly a minute to give me a prompt after any command (top, uptime, etc.)

One of my sites is: http://www.animeblogger.net/ That page has no dynamic content being pulled from a database. The only javascript on it is for Google AdSense ads and Google Analytics. Yet it still takes it several minutes to load right now. The images on it aren’t very large either, yet when it does load I’m seeing it take well past 10 minutes now. Earlier it wasn’t quite as slow, but 5 minutes isn’t exactly much better.

Edit (4:48pm server time): And now it’s either loading normally, or I still get the server reset error. Error logs oddly show no error when that happens. Hopefully something is fixed though since it’s loading fast when it does load.

I couldn’t hep but notice that both your site and north’s are using google analytics…I’m wondering if something is amiss at google? Just a thought.


I thought of that but checked a few sites that I know are hosted with Dreamhost but aren’t on Centipede (at least not according to the reverse lookup on their IP, one’s on Fritz). They also use Google Analytics and they’re loading just fine.

Additionally my blog’s dashboard’s been doing the same thing (slow load/server resets) and the Google Analytics code doesn’t run on the dashboard pages.

I tried removing the Analytics code first thing this morning, and it didn’t help things, unfortunately.

Just to chime in. I’m on plenty and all my domains have been crawling for the last week or so. Even my brother who lives in LA reported one site of mine taking over a minute or two to load.

What gives?


It was just a thought…and your test obviously indicates it’s not a google thing. Hopefully support can shed some light on it - between your load numbers and the performance of your and Maestro4k’s sites it seems pretty clear something is borken on centipede. I hope DH support can get to the bottom of it quickly for you.


Yeah, it was just a thought…and since you have the same issue on your dashboard, that indicates it’s not a google thing. Hopefully support can shed some light on it - between north’s load numbers and the performance of your and his sites it seems pretty clear something is borken on centipede. I hope DH support can get to the bottom of it quickly for you.


Well now it should be fixed, got this from support just a few minutes ago:

“The cause was a main file server lost it’s network connection to your hosting server. It came back up within several minutes, however, that downtime caused your hosting machine to become overloaded with waiting requests. Eventually, we had to reboot the machine to kick start it.”

I actually had thought it might be the file server (not that I could do anything about it myself though). I understand why it caused the problems it did, I’m glad it’s back up now!

Can you imagine the number of request it must have had queued? That explains a lot, and I’m glad the fix has been applied - hopefully all return to being “good” soon now.


This is nowhere near fixed.
All of my sites are just as bad as they were yesterday.
I have received no correspondence with DH support on this. My support ticket is now 22 hours old, no word from DH.

I’m staring at another day where my community of users can not use my site, and worse, I’m being kept completely in the dark.