Centinela is frequently down for hours at time

I have a few sites on “centinela”, and they go down several times a day; they tend to go down en masse, and the downtime lasts from 20 minutes to 4 hours. I diligently report the sites as unavailable through the panel; I have also submitted three requests for support. Each request is answered with:

“I have looked into your issue and found there is a high server load on this server at this time. We are looking into who and what is causing this and should have it resolved shortly.”

Since the responses are identical to the letter, I presume they are canned in some way.

Can anyone suggest another means to resolve this problem?

How long have you been having these problems? Is that just in the last few days you’ve had a lot of down time, or has it been longer? I ask becuase if it’s only been 2 or maybe 3 days, I’d sigugest you wait a little bit longer and see if they do fix it.

As far as I know dreamhost never sends out any kind of automated reply, but if they replied to several identical support requests at the same time I could understand you getting the same reply.

Perhaps, if this problem has been going on for a while now (several days) you need to put in an other support request and ask that upper level support work on this asap.

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It’s been about two weeks of regular downtimes; I’ve sent in a couple more support requests politely describing the problem. Each time, I get a response to the effect of “There is high server load, and we are working on it.”

My experience is that simply harassing them over and over again is not constructive, so I’m looking for any alternative ideas. Thanks!

well, you could try contacting one of the ‘big peole’ directly. Jeff or Michael might help you out. Send an E-mail to ONE of them (it’s just their name@dreamhost.com but you’ll have to make sure I spelled michael correctly) and explain your problem clearly, how you’ve contacted support serveral tims before but nothing is happenning. Make sure and included your webid and a domain or two as reference so it’s easier for them to locate your account. With luck they’ll step in and help you out. Be patient, these guys get lots of E-mail and it may take a few days or more to respond.

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This seems to be good news:

We’ll see how that goes I guess.

I’m not even sure what server I’m on, but my zencart went down (due to the scheduled outage I’m sure) and was MUCH faster when it came back up…it seems to be down again but perhaps they’ve solved some of the slowness being reported lately with SQL

Here are instructions on how to look up your server:

In other news, centinela still seems to be suffering; everything’s been down for 45 minutes.

It would be awfully nice if DH distributed individual sites across shared servers, rather than distributing “accounts”. It’d translate to more uptime, overall, and I’m sure it would give them more flexible load-balancing. Oh well.

I take it back, it’s dead slow again. My sites are on alameda but I think the sql servers are something else entirely, correct?

are others still experiencing frequent problems on centinela. It seems that at least every couple of days my sites go down for about an hour, and that’s when I’m checking them. It’s hard telling how often they are down when I’m not looking. This combined with all of the troubles I’ve been having with email lately are going to send me looking for a new host.

One of my accounts is on salt and I experience downtime everyweek. And it ALWAYS seems to happen at the worst possible. i.e. client has a big promotion, etc.