CatchAlls as described in Newsletter


You won’t get any more spam using this system than you do already, provided you don’t start throwing these tagged addresses around the web willy-nilly. In this respect, this isn’t comparable to a catch-all in any way. With a catch-all spammers don’t need to know your exact address to spam you. With plus-addressing, they do.

Not to mention that plus addressing is very, very old and very common. I’d imagine any reasonably smart spamming software is capable of stripping off this suffix. It’s great for sorting mail but doesn’t do much for spam filtering.

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I appreciate DH doing this for us, but I’m noticing that the two places so far that I’ve really wanted this feature do a validation on the address neither of which permits the ‘+’ character in the address. In one place I tried getting around it by temporarily disabling javascript (can you disable just one function client-side?), and the other place used flash.

Personally, because it is allowed by the RFC, it shouldn’t be filtered out, but that is the fault of clueless web devs who can’t be bothered to write a decent regex. Is there a way around this? I know this is a HUGE question, but ie, can I change the character to be _ for a domain instead of +? Other than that, the only sol’n seems to be to use the panel to create an email address once for each of these throw-away aliases?

(ed. grammatical correction)

Jack Bauer is the “i” in team


Dallas, people sending emails to my domains have been getting similar error messages - See

I tried to get help via the panel, but after 12 hours I’ve given up waiting for help - I need email working.

Do you think my problem may have been caused by the changes made to enhance the mail system?