Catch-all Subdomains

I want to add a catch-all subdomain setting to the DNS.
In Unix, you would do this: ServerAlias *

The panel lets me change the DNS of the domain.
What I don’t know is what i should add as “value”?

EDIT: You can disregard or delete this. I now know what to fill in as value.

Really? Did it work? As far as I knew, Shared Server users can’t do this in the panel. It required Support to intervene if you had a really good reason.

You can create wildcard domains in DNS just fine. They just won’t do anything besides spit out a “bad_httpd_conf” if they’re pointed to the IP of one of our web servers.

Okay, thanks for the info. I saw the config error, but was hoping that it would go away after a while.
I guess I will have to add the subdomains manually.