Catch All email?

I’m in the process of migrating all my email accounts over to DH. At the bottom of the email mangement page it says:

Since I’ve setup a catch all domain for every domain wouldn’t a mail server think I have a valid account since the message would be recieved?

Just wondering if I have to go through the additional step of setting up a postmaster address for each domain.

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If you have a catchall then that will include a postmaster alias as well. However it would not hurt to add a separate postmaster alias so that you will be ready should you decide to no longer have a catchall set.


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Thanks that makes sense :slight_smile:

Dreamhost no longer supports ‘catchall’ email accounts. It means you have to have a defined email acocunt to recieve your email.

I have catch all emails setup for all my domains and it works fine.

Dreamhost no longer supports ‘catchall’ email accounts.

This is not true. Dreamhost no longer allows forwarding mail to catch-all addresses to non-Dreamhost-hosted mailboxes (except Gmail, apparently), but catch-all addresses are certainly still available.

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kchrist is correct, all my catch-all forward to a mailbox, which I have setup in a seperate mail program.

Catch alls are nice because when moving to DH from 1and1, I forgot to setup a few addresses.