Catch-all Change


On the status blog, DH has announced that…

“Starting right now, you can no longer create catch-alls that point to anything other than a regular DreamHost mailbox.”

However, on the bulk-edit page, it says, “You may not use “catch-all” addresses here, since they aren’t allowed to be forwarding-only.”

I’d like to forward all 20+ of my domain’s catch-alls to a single Dreamhost hosted pop account. Is that going to work? There seems to be some contradiction.

Sheldon Kotyk


Do you mean you have 20+ domains and that you want a catch-all set for each domain?
That is still allowed under the new rules providing that the catch-all is only set to point to a regular DreamHost mailbox.

As an aside though, you might want to look at eventually replacing your catchalls with alias email addresses. It might be a job to do but it will be worth it in the end. As you use addresses just add them in as aliases and then eventually you will be able to drop your catch-alls. (!)


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You’re using the wrong panel page. You need to choose the mailbox and edit the address associated with it. And so this means you cannot forward all 20 catch-alls to the same mailbox.

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I was trying to get around setting up 20 pop accounts just to do the catch-all.

Sheldon Kotyk


I understand the reason for the change - no complaints here - but one of the reasons I forward catch-all is specifically to filter spam.

You are not allowed to enable the spam filter if you have a catch-all address, so I forward my catch-all to my gmail account - their spam filter is pretty good.

If I could use dreamhosts spam filter on my catch-all, I wouldn’t need or want to forward it.


That’s my situation as well.

I can handle checking one pop account and using spambayes instead but I don’t want to have to setup 20 different pop accounts just to deal with catch-alls.

Sheldon Kotyk


Happened to see this earlier and had a chat with Josh… he just modified the panel so that you can now add catch-all forwards to other domains hosted at Dreamhost. It will now simply check for and deny new forwards for domains that are not hosted with us.