"catch-all" ain't workin'

since “*” became “catch-all” it doesn’t seem to work on at least one of my domains.

do I have to change “catch-all” back to “*” ?

I get like…zero spam with 5 domains, so I LIKE the catch-all or “*” email address function.


Mine is not working either. The email and site issues over the past several weeks are really becoming troubling.

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I’m getting this too.

No wonder I haven’t been receiving any mail recently.

mark-web@example.com: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 mark-web@example.com: User unknown
Giving up on

I emailed support, but this is really not good. How long has it been broken? Did they not test this change at all?

One of mine doesn’t work, too (or at least has a serious delay going on). :frowning:

are you using the new spam beta filter on the domain where the catch all is no longer working? if so then that might be why because it won’t allow a catch all email account.

no, no spam beta filter being used and now my “catch-all” is mysteriously working again.

I’m sure I will find something else to whine and complain about soon though…:wink:

This has been fixed as of yesterday evening. One of our backend machines didn’t get updated with the CVS pushout, so there were some instances of domains not getting configured properly.