Catastrophic support experience - site down almost two weeks, support non-responsive stores content for my blog, and

Two weeks ago, an automated system mistook it for backups, and took it offline by moving all the content into dreamhost objects.

After five days of back-and-forth support finally admitted they’d made a mistake, and they would restore the content.

A week later (i.e. 12 days out or so) support has moved back 15% of the files, and they no longer reply to email, live chat, or pokes to dreamhostcares on twitter. I’m absolutely at my wits end.

Does anybody know how to get the to fix a situation like this? I just don’t understand what’s happening. Why can’t they restore the site?

Hello there,

As this is a sensitive policy issue, it is being reviewed in detail by specific department managers to determine the next step. Our sincere apologies for the delays; I’ve touched base with the managers on the case and we will be responding to you by email as soon as we have an update for you.

Thanks so much for your patience.
Matt C

Er. We got past that stage days ago: it was agreed by support that the files were legitimate (Andrea made the decision) and that they would be restored forthwith.

The files are halfway back up - about 15g of them - but the rsync job keeps stalling, resulting in - well, take a look for yourself

74 blog posts on my main site which are broken because they (for example) link to a PDF or an .ogg video file or an MP3 stored on

[vgupta 87706933] Message from support.

Indeed, thanks for the details. We did another review and we are in
agreement that your files are within the policy limits. We are initiating
the restore back to your web server and will follow up with an email
letting you know when it’s completed. Again, very sorry about the
inconvenience this has caused.



Please, please, can we get this sorted out. It’s a total disaster.