Cashing out Dreamhost Rewards

I received my first Rewards payment today, but it was a lot smaller than I’d expected – less than 10% of the total amount I’ve earned so far.

I’m wondering why I didn’t receive the full amount. I don’t have an outstanding balance, and my Rewards balance was greater than the minimum required amount ($20).

Is there a limit to how much money DH will pay users each month? I can’t find anything on the site that puts a cap on payouts.

The only info I can find about cashing out is here:

Is there more published somewhere else? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I don’t think there’s a limit – when I cashed out mine I got a whopping large payment (which unfortunately was promptly gobbled up by Revenue Canada, but that’s another story), so maybe there was some kind of administrative error in your case. Have you let them know about the discrepancy?



Oh yes, I let them know. Haven’t heard anything back from them yet, though, so I figured I’d ask here as well.

Thanks for the response.

Hey Drue!

The problem is with our rewards system! It’s a bit complicated, but basically the old way, as soon as you got rewards they were automatically credited to your hosting account, and now they aren’t. Now, they sit “unallocated”, and then when your billing date comes, if anything is owed, it takes them from your unallocated rewards balance, and if any is left over, you get paid out via paypal. It looks like the bulk of your rewards were already “allocated” to your account, giving you a large positive balance. Only recent rewards got paid out to you! I’ll go ahead and unallocate all the excess rewards and then you’ll get them paid out to you via paypal. Sorry about that!


Thanks Josh!

What are dream host rewards? And how can I get some?



Hi Melissa -

DreamHost Rewards is a way for you to pay a portion of your hosting bill - or even get paid - just for referring people to DreamHost. Basically, we pay you for telling your site’s visitors about us or referring people to us:

You can get all the info on 'em here:

It’s totally optional, but a good way to make some money or have your hosting paid for. Some people with fairly active sites even pay for all of their hosting with us this way.

Hrm. It looks like the above page doesn’t have any info on actual pay-outs via Paypal (a pretty recent addition we made to the program). Maybe Josh can spread some light on that?

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