Cash outs


I managed to get some people to switch to DreamHost and the 97 days of money back guarantee has finally ended. Since I’m no longer hosted with DreamHost I have created a PayPal account and added my PayPay email address to the DreamHost panel and clicked the “Yes, I want excess rewards balances to be cashed out via PayPal each month” button.

This is under Tax information:
Your total payouts so far this calendar year: $97.00

Payments report also states:
2007-06-01 00:40:46 Rewards cashed out via paypal! $-97.00 $0.00
Rewards Cashed Out: $97.00 Rewards Applied to Account: $0.00 Current Rewards: $0.00

But when i log into the PayPal account the balace is $0.00 USD. Is something wrong or is it just normal?

Thank you.


There can be a day or two of lag – it’s normal.

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If you update the PayPal email address before the 1st day of the month, the money is yours. :wink:

Just as seiler mentioned, it takes one or two days to transfer the money from DH to PayPal

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I usually see my rewards within 2 days of it showing cashed out.

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I got my PayPal cash out this morning.

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sombody may still need to wait. There should be a long long queue to get the cash out. :wink:

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