Case Sensitivity



My old hosting provider (Mac OS X Server) wasn’t case sensitive, but I notice that my DH web account is case sensitive. I suppose I could go through and change everything to conform to a standard case convention, but I’d rather just flick a switch to tell DH to consider my web domain to be case insensitive.

Where would I go to do that?

(I checked the Wiki and the domain settings but didn’t see it, but will keep looking…)



I’m afraid that it is impossible in DH. The problem of case sensitive is due to the operating system. Windows and Mac are case insensitive. But unix and linux are case sensitive. AND all hosting plans in DH are on unix system.

I think you will have to modify your file names :frowning: It is a hard housekeeping work to do. Cheer up!

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There are utilities to convert all filenames to lower case. Or UNIX scripts, such as the following:

C Shell: foreach f ( * ) mv $f `echo $f | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'` end Bourne Shell: for f in *; do mv $f `echo $f | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'` done Korn Shell: typeset -l l for f in *; do l="$f" mv $f $l done