Case of links

I have been running my own web site on a server at my house using IIS 5. The case of my links has never been an issue. However, now that I am using DreamHost, the case of my links is causing problems. I would image this is due to the web server being used, right? I have hundreds of web pages, is there any easy way to make all links small case or is there something I can change with my DreamHost account to make the case of links not be a problem?



I don’t know if this will help, but you can usually change case in a word-processing application. For example in MS Word, you can select an area (or the entire doc) and click “Format” from the menu and choose “Change case”. You will get an option as to what what format you want it to be.

HOWEVER… It sounds like you are only looking to change the hyperlinks and not the entire doc.


Yes, I am looking to change the hyperlinks and after a little searching, it looks like there is no easy way. For now I have put the site back on my server until I solve this problem.

Doesn’t help you now, but in the future treat EVERYTHING as case sensitive. It frustrates me that there are any web dev tools that do not enforce case sensitivity.

Thanks. I have already renamed all my pages with small caps. Guess this is something I should have done from the start. O’ well.