"caroline" Virginia server downtimes/slowness


My websites have been experiencing downtimes VERY frequently for the last 4 weeks, contacting DH Support since then but they haven’t help me at all, this is why I’m coming here to ask the community and others customers which are hosted on “caroline” US East (Ashburn, Virginia Servers).

My first ticket was sent by Mar 27, 2013. What support told me (extract): [quote]… I’ve found that the apache instance which supports this account was restarted a little over an hour ago. The apache restart was done to address either a high load or memory issue. Nevertheless apache is working now.[/quote]

There’s apparently something reaching some Memory limits, which makes the Process Watcher automatically kills the procesess.

On the other response (Mar 30, 2013), support stated [quote]" … I have checked the logs again to see if you are still getting killed and it does not look like they are …"[/quote]

No, it LOOKS like they are being killed or whatever is causing the downtimes. This is very bad to my projects, besides I haven’t been able to advance on our projects.

Then, by Mar 31, 2013, DH tells me everything is ok: [quote]As stated previously, it was the sites you reported as slow that were being killed for using too many resources. However, I do not see them being killed anymore.
It looks like the issue with the slow site was being caused by an apache issue. I have resolved the apache instance issue and the site are now loading much faster. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. [/quote]

Ok, so far, they haven’t help me at all, my websites are still experiencing slowness/downtimes, damaging my “fast service” that I’ve been offering for the last 2-3 years. The last email was more intended to help me, talking about some possible Bots spiders and crawlers, but I checked the logs and found nothing unusual.

Now I’m here, explaining my situation and asking to all the possible “caroline”-hosted-mates to tell me if I’m the only one experiencing this. By this day my webserver haven’t improved at all, I need to get this fixed as soon as possible. I even asked to support if my websites are causing this (who knows if i’m under attack) to find a solution, but apparently that’s not the reason.

Hoping to solve this problem asap, we lost a lot of time waiting for support, I would like to know what does the community thinks about this.


Hello UmbertoD,

I have checked the server “Caroline” and the server has a load average of 12.05 which is fairly normal. Could you please provide me with your domain name so I can investigate what exactly is causing it to be slow. Yesterday we did have some connectivity issues at our Virginia data center. Which could have been the cause of this. I know many sites were affected during that outage. If you keep experiencing issues with that server I would suggest switching servers.

Thanks for being patient,

Dee J.
DreamHost Staff.

Hello Dee,

The problem was finally solved after I made this thread.

Support switched the apache instance which was the one thing killing processes every few hours, causing the downtimes of my websites.

Experienced this for more than a month, but afterall I’m happy to have my hosting as fast as it were previously.

However, thanks for your response!


You’re very welcome! I am glad to hear that it was resolved!
You know where to reach us! Have a great day.

Dee J.
DreamHost Staff.