Carnt seem to get outlook to work


Hi guys, i cannot seem to get outlook to work with accounts made with dreamhost.

I’ve followed a guide on here, but it didnt work…

I went to Tools - Accounts - Add - Mail


Display name: kray@""
email address: kray@""
My incoming: pop3
Incoming/outgoing server: mail.""
Account name: m*32
Password: ***** (i changed this from default if that matters?)
Clicked finish, then went back to the account, clicked options and selected Properties - server - my account needs authorization - settings - use same settings for incomming.

But i have no joy :frowning:

I have 1 account that is getting mail, but i have 7-8 email accounts they i need working all with the same outlook.

Any help would be great. Its outlook express 6.



You haven’t put quote marks around the incoming/outgoing server name have you?



lol, no man. just doing it so my domain name isnt shown.



I thought that was the case. I was just hoping. :slight_smile:

Under your email user details as shown in manage addresses have you tried the username (not the mxxxxxxx login) i.e. but without the of course.

Are the email addresses that are not working forwarders (aliases) or separate email users each with their own account.

Double double check that SPA is not selected under the options tab in Outlook.

No, forget my comment about the username use the mxxxxxxx on reflection.

Another edit:- What error message do you get when you try to recv/send using the broken accounts. An error box should pop up.



The only error im getting is password not accepted.

Its the same when i try and login through my webmail… :frowning:


You will need to check the password is correct for the particular mxxxxxxx in that case.
I noticed you made a reference to changing it from the default which I did not understand. Just check your notes and see if the passwords are correct.



Depending upon when you changed the password, the new password might not have “processes” completely. DH jhas been known to take hours to “update” changes to email accounts. I’d suggest:

  1. wait a while, and try again

  2. try “old” passwords

  3. Use the control panel to confirm the pawwords that are actually “live”.



I wonder if the thread about Imap not connecting for 22 hours here might relate to your problem as well?



That looks like it was it man, thanks (p.s i mean that Imap that norm said)

I didnt even know what imap was, so i didnt notice that thread. lol

THanks for all the help guys.